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Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Holiday Special

I shouldn’t leave things on my bike in SF. Fine. I accept it. Now where do I go to buy back my stolen lights and shit?

@vniow That’s what I been sayin’!

I bring strange news from the outside world: they advertise Google Plus and Google Chrome on TV.

Christmas stalemate with a 21 year-old cat that wants to pee under the tree.

Despite popular opinion, to me the humbug sounds like a perfectly festive insect.

AT&T/Apple nuked my phone’s SIM card reader with a software glitch and all I got was this new iPhone. Again.

Today’s Christmas show is going to be great! It’s also going to be on later than scheduled! Merry Christmas, deal with it!

For those paying attention: yes, I just pulled Godwin’s law on frakking Winter.

Watching the documentary series Frozen Planet. By same logic, when I feel pissed at government, I read up on Jews in Germany during the 30s.

@timminchin Jesus Fucking Christ IRON AGE

“No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.”

–Judge Gideon J. Tucker, 1866

Every year I renew Flickr is another year that I almost don’t renew Flickr. My excuse this year? 9,994 items.

At least with #SOPA I know who to despise. Last I checked, we still don’t know who even wanted the indefinite detention in #NDAA.

@nthmost Three words: Bowie Cover Band.

Called Congress. Told them #SOPA wouldn’t even slow down my piracy. But passage would encourage me to help friends & family join my boycott.

“Thanks for sharing this picture, Orin! I used it in a blog post entitled ‘You’re Wasting Your Life Making Piddly Shit on the Internet’”.

Dear Congress: Give me liberty. I do not feel that you should have a second option here.

So you enter my unlocked car, pull out EVERYTHING, and what you steal is… ankle bells!? What kind of thief are you?! At Christmas!?

@shrwtr Yessum. I reckon I do.

Big thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this year! That sure was mighty sweet of you.

The first person to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook this year? In Russia, where it’s already tomorrow morning. (Hi Yulia!)

@shrwtr In my household, “fattie” is a term of endearment similar to sweetheart. Really.

@tjcrowley I see you’re an optimist. We should be so lucky, he gave the boy a job.

Is it just me, or is our Secretary of State telling tech companies not to help the American government? –…

The weird part about the Tikva Records show: my fellow attendees would likely be surprised that I wasn’t a Jew. Reminded me of traveling.

I do wish I could’ve not plugged it in Yiddish, though. Which many people here could.

Just got interviewed by KQED for this Tikva Records performance. And you know what? I didn’t plug my amateur radio show.

Some Old Jews @ Tikva Records

Then there was the senator. “Sorry, Debbie. No Mercedes-Benz this year; we have to set an example.”

For the first time in 62 years, America will be a net exporter of oil products –

Reminder: our savannah ancestors were free from buffoons overusing the phrase “our savannah ancestors”, but they also lacked Desmond Morris.

Cobbling together a birthday/Christmas wishlist. What do I like?

Just had to write an email to an MTV licensing rep saying, no, my name is not “Creative Commons”, that’s the license that my photo uses.

OH “My safeword is ‘ow’.”

People who tell me “your zodiac sign isn’t Ophiuchus, that’s made up”: you amuse me.

@shrwtr Reading that was like listening to one side of a phone call; you can’t tell much, but you can tell it’s not a fun conversation.

If this 20-step guide on how to use Flattr is any indication, the anarcho-capitalist seasteaders of PayPal aren’t building fast enough.

@miah_ That depends; what do you two talk about?

RT @colinaut: Why do our elected representatives hate our freedoms?