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Monthly Archives: November 2011

@colinaut @aviddd J.U.F., Jüdisch-Ukrainische Freundschaft –

So… Folkstep is a thing, but only a thing on Soundcloud? Is that how the internet works?

@mediapathic Yes! Or ham to hamster, so I’m informed.

I went to a mall on #blackfriday and all I got was this free replacement iPhone & some stories about the weirdos who shop at malls.

@SisterMable @sisterida Thankfully, I am NOT. They’re one of my pet peeves. But that’s probably incorrect usage, since everyone hates them.

@SisterMable Maybe? Lords knows I’ve considered it –…

You know that XKCD where his IQ drops 30 points without Wikipedia? That’s me with an un-jailbroken iPhone.

No Turkish artists have covered “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”?! In a country that remade Star Wars, Superman, E.T., Star Trek, Rambo…

Would it be too obvious to do radio show about Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Mystery solved. My mom enabled group messaging and somehow the messages were shown as being sent from others. It’s… sort of an explanation.

And now another one: “What’s wrong with just good old Rigattoni from Safeway?” [sic]

What’s going on here?

Two phones, two different carriers, but we both got a misdirected txt: I’m not your gal but I love the look of “Santa’s beard gone wild!”

“Blah blah blah, blah blah, mondegreen.”

“Your what’s green?”

@Verlieren Ah! Okay, well, that could be part of it.

@Verlieren I like “self-assured”, “assertive”, or even “woman with reasonable expectations”. A feminazi fights sexism by being sexist.

@rhiannononon Heard a single gunshot at about 3:30am last night. Wasn’t close enough to hear yelling, so the location would be about right.

Shit my wife says: “It’s really weird to have been around for the dawn of Real Person Fanfic, and to see what it has become.”

I’ve read a lot of really sexist shit lately. All from women. As a white male, is there anything I can do besides start useless drama?

Today’s Unpronounceable will feature many of the great STORIES OF INCOMPREHENSION that we’ve previously missed. 4pm, radiovalencia.FM

When you pay cybersquatters for a domain, the terrorists have won.


@xek “A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure.”

#OccupyOakand raid imminent. I predict: huge number of cops, huge waste of money, huge political disaster. Institutions can be mentally ill.

“I might as well not have gotten the 32GB iPhone”, she says.

Truly, iTunes Home Sharing can snatch Defeat from the jaws of Victory.

@mikl_em Shit, that sucks! I live a block from there and will keep my eyes extra-peeled.

@lia “I can’t […] deny my own gaze, which is undeniably male but which hopefully also encompasses other perspectives that we can all share.”

It’s that time again.

Just discovered that I can do sygyt. Wife says “your talents are wasted as a web designer.” Touché.…

Ah, Election Day. Voting through the tears.

The automatic door was invented to make up for a deficiency of human character; technology that makes urban space more livable.

Tonight, after a time-travel dream where I exchanged gifts w/ friends before they died, I realized I’d just time traveled. #daylightsavings

RT @whatcd: ALL music torrents are now freeleech for the next 3 days (assuming the site and tracker can handle it). Enjoy.

The roof of The Relentless is deceptively peaceful @ Locke, CA

@timmmii That’s crap. It only harms your enamel if you brush right after. So don’t. However, IANAD.

Nose Hair Lint Gland is the @RadioValenciaSF show that other Radio Valencia DJs listen to. I can’t figure it out either.

I remember days, long passed, when “a little bird told me” wasn’t just a cute way of saying “I read it on Twitter.”

I helped give away, like, 1000 kid’s books tonight. Rad Halloween choice.