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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Guess what? We have so much Halloween music we wanna do a 3-hour show, starting at 3pm. This may or may not be a good idea.

Thanks, Google. I *did* mean fartknocker.

I don’t care what the neighbors say. I’m going to call Armadillos “Hoover Hogs” whether they like it or not.

It’s shameful to admit. But yes. Sometimes I want 3 monitors for my desktop.

I rarely mouth off like this, but if you could please NOT vote for Ed Lee I’d be grateful –……

4 years ago today, music tracker #OiNK‘s Pink Palace was shut down by police. The owner won the lawsuit. The world got better. #neverforget

@nthmost @23andme Maybe, “Your anonymous statistics may help improve user experience and troubleshoot issues.”

@RadioValenciaSF You shouldn’t have double-said that. I fixed you.

Uhh… Radio Un-pruh-nun-suh-bubbel will be on today. But not now, when it’s supposed to be on.

How about we do a live show at 6?

@tjcrowley The strange thing is that even if they’re very, very rich, until they’re LUDICROUSLY rich they probably still aren’t the 1%.

The only real reason to sign this petition is to curb the horrifying college cost bubble. Oh! And to piss off Fox News……

…suddenly, alcoholic gummi bears are a nationwide problem that requires enforcement and more money. Yeah.

Perverse effects. Look it up.

How It Works: county gets $1.3mil in federal funding; undercover cops find a kid who makes alcoholic gummi bears; national news picks it up…

@RadioValenciaSF I approve this message.

See you later, alligator.

That’s no bull, gharial.

This week on Radio Unpunctual…

Something I didn’t consider before choosing the name: “unpronounceable” is kinda hard to spell slash type.

Yeah, we’ll do a radio show. There’s always more things we can’t pronounce.

Yesterday: happily collecting garbage in nature and sunshine. Today: in a rainy Sacramento collecting ceramics supplies (a.k.a. “garbage”).

I’m in a rusty old bus graveyard. How’s your Monday morning? @ Williams,Ca

Radio Unpronounceable invites you + 200 of your closest friends to listen to: Pièce dê Rèsîstàncé. One hour from now!…

Godwin’s law explains the MRCA principle: as # of ancestors increases, your chances of being related to Hitler approach 1.


Oh shit. I just photoshopped Sealand for an image macro.

Apple changed the icon because iTunes hasn’t had any worthwhile new musical features since fucking cover flow in 2006. Finally did the math.

RT @discordianquote: I like my women like I like my coffee: as a metaphor for objectification.

@RadioValenciaSF Fellas. Please. That is not news. Is that news? That’s not news.

The demonym for a person from Vanuatu? Strangely, they’re called Ni-Vanuatu. Also: demonym does not mean “demon name”. #TIL

I spent most of today finding & making “Meanwhile In…” image macros for lesser-known countries. You’re welcome, Latvia

To the surprise of many (I’m sure) the Soundtank was NOT built for Burning Man, nor has it ever been there.…

@sarahbliss That was a Lynae b-day present! Yet to cut pizza in final frontier.

The night’s not over till you get yelled at by @ChickenJohn.

An event with both Larry Harvey and Paul Addis in attendance. Yeah, that’s not weird.

The book release party for @ChickenJohn’s book is now, and it looks awesome. Like you needed reminding.