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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Well, that’s the last jaw harp I buy before Googling.

New York man granted U.S. patent for “facilitating construction of a snowman/snowwoman”. Who says the system is broken?…

@nthmost @rickabruzzo I was totally expecting that to be a McGurk effect thing.

No Radio Unpronounceable today. No A/C in studio. It is HOT… like, 82° out there.

@jnnamcky Sounds like premature home button failure. A lot going around. Take it in and they’ll probably replace it.…

So, I’m guessing the Delicious redesign was NOT done by Tantek Çelik. And the bookmarklet update wasn’t done by someone who’d ever used it.

Someone actually told my wife “I like pretty much any kind of music except rap or county.” He didn’t realize he was admitting awful taste.

Welcome to San Francisco. You have now entered a polynormative zone. Relationships should be considered open until informed otherwise.

@paleofuture I suggest: ask them to explain the expression “fair dinkum” to your server.

RT @stilkov: Incredible RT @manusporny: “You can telnet into a 747, over the Internet, *mid-flight* and tune its engines”: …

Sitting underneath a gigantic moosehead @ Foster’s Bighorn

Leading a caravan to Foster’s Bighorn.

@ChickenJohn’s button speaks the truth

Shipwreck & The Relentless’s chaos flag. There but for the grace of who knows, dumb luck.


Ok, which one of you a-holes told the Blogspot bloggers about font embedding? I’m never going to be able to read these…

This year’s “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” essay is going to be a doozy.

@shrwtr I look forward to it right around the time a birth control pill for men gets here.

RT @wonderella: I just got an email from Netflix’s CEO telling me to – and I’m paraphrasing – “Please start torrenting”.

Chicken John wrote a book. And I built him a website. And I think I like it. –

In the future, one can create a marketable compilation album just by culling about 1000 YouTube clips from Turkmenistan.

Fun game for central Asian music videos on YouTube: hat or gigantic afro?

@tooluser Hey, I’m putting your review of Chicken’s book on the website. Should I credit you as “Joshua Marker, cognitive scientist”?

@outofsequences I knew you’d come around.

Mark it. When did I say I have a lot of work to do? Website accomplished.

I’ve finally amassed enough web design experience to know exactly what I can’t do.

Last year, today, I was exploring a very very old cemetery in Prague. Titles & tags still missing. Such is life.…

What a fun day this has been; radio show, dinner with large group of friends at Chez Poulet. So. Much. Work to catch up on.

Our feature on Turkmenistan, this week’s Mélange of a Milieu, went exactly according to plan. That is: not planned very well at all.

@chickenjohn I have some experience in Wikipedia. And in editing your Wikipedia article, in fact.

@sherilyn @youtube Fighting the good fight. More power to ya.

@ozreiuosn One of these days I’ll put together a nice Oz madlib generator.

@miah_ Don’t forget “and bankrupt”, which was the proclaimed goal of the whole plot.

L.A. hipsters at the Ace hotel are the only people kind enough to remind me that Folsom Street Fair is next week.

On this day we remember those we have lost. I’ll never forget you, 4th Amendment!
/via @amandathegreat

I forgot what this place is like. Oddly, it’s exactly how I remember it.

Hometowns, huh?

@ozreiuosn Your poly-positive sentiments aren’t standard issue, but are still welcome.

@LadyCartoonist Elegant FruityLoops. I used it, you know, back in 2000. My modern go-to is Ableton Live.

RT @JulieGallaher: If you’re afraid of butter, use cream. — Julia Child

Some cool weird art in my hometown that I’ve never even heard of