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Monthly Archives: August 2011

We’re using Yosemite snowmelt since it’s way cheaper than buying ice.

@sleepbotzz Say hi to the big guy for me.

Orin Zebest and the Tale of the Tufa Too Far.

@tyrsalvia I hope you included lolspeak; this is teh phyoochur.

Bodie is not a ghost town as much as it’s a pilgrimage station for Germans. And I’m ok with that.

Delicious camping stove pizza. The sprinklers couldn’t foil us.

My sense of pride in her accomplishment borders on hubris.

@sonomabuzz The fly larvae taste just like bacon bits. The informational sign informed me.

Swimming, surrounded by sea monkeys and fly larvae. Sunscreen turns yellow with alkaline. Couldn’t be happier.

Happy Birthay [sic], Lynae! Da nature!

After determining that our car didn’t need a Vista upgrade, we decided to go on our road trip despite problems. Good luck, us.

@jeromegv Spaz is fun, and it’s appearance can be easily customized with CSS.

@mediapathic And the guy in XTC, Gang of Four, League of Gentleman… Grant Morrison also personally claims to be Barry Andrews. Or something.

“Who said that, originally?”

“I think it was Klingon Shakespeare.”

“Oh! No, I’m sorry, now I remember. It was Klingon Benjamin Disraeli.”

@jeromegv In fact it was not. But we’re now home in SF and much happier. Drunk again!

No. My car computer can’t be randomly shutting down on the freeway. Road trip aborted.

Ok. Little road trip pit stop for a fatally wounded car battery.

Woo! Road trip time!

@Mister_Robotics @JosephPred “Techanthrope” poorly combines actual Greek roots. Suggest “technophobe”, “mis-” something…

Proving that, on Craigslist in the bay area, you can append this certain phrase to ANYTHING. #burningman

I possess knowledge: the name of @ChickenJohn’s next book.

So, Challenge Karaoke is everything I expected it to be.

@xek Wouldn’t that seem to imply there were some wavelengths of orange light in the laser? Isn’t a laser exactly one wavelength?

@sherilyn Well, I stole the idea from Pete Goldie. So really it’s his fault that I clicked your name.

Haven’t slept since yesterday. Did lots between. Proudly realizing “I could’ve done that in my sleep” doesn’t apply for once.

@outofsequences Lynae says: bleach, but don’t worry about getting old color out completely. You just want to increase the hair’s porousness.

Little mousie hiding under an unfilled art frame in my hallway, what do you signify?

@charliejane @jessnevins Film at eleven:…

@mediapathic I’ll recommend “The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations’ Millennium General Assembly” for 1000 —…

@tjcrowley Give a shout when you talk up Amber Lamps. That girl keeps her cool.

“Why don’t kilts have pockets, dangit?”

“Just put your iPhone in your bra, Orin.”

Middle East leader sees opportunity to write his own Onion article; takes it –…

“Your side may have had crazy in quantity, but ours had crazy in quality.”

Catching up with family. 2nd cousin-in-laws are the best!

Oops I accidentally my whole friends list to the radio show:…

In case you time travel to the Edwardian period and need to make a “that’s what she said” joke:…

OH last night: “No no no, this is San Francisco, weed goes in the compost.”

Nothing like a nerd party to remind you that you aren’t the biggest nerd you know.

Oops I did two radio shows today.

This is all our fault. For making friends.

@rhiannononon Sounds like maybe you found the Hotel Miami (Chicken & Eileen’s RV).

“What happens when you drink?”
“What doesn’t happen?”