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Monthly Archives: July 2011

We parked near a beach last night and now it’s the party beach and we’re the partyest boat.

Sun salutes at sunrise. Balance poses on a boat. Not my usual ritual but I banged up my knee yesterday real good.

Anchored in weeds about 200 feet from a dock. And of course I mean anchored BY weeds.

So, um, building a boat is hard. Not on route to Petaluma yet.

Somebody just asked me why I’m buying 6 blocks of ice. In all my years of riding them down hills in Palm Springs no one ever asked me that.

Junkyard at dusk — another place I didn’t know I’d be when I woke up @ Somerset Farms, Winters, Ca

Is there something intrinsic to driving a minivan which renders the driver unable to drive anywhere in a timely fashion? Empirically, yes.

Showman @ChickenJohn is sort of a cautionary tale and sort of my hero.

Totally almost stole a guy’s rug. Nice about it, though. Guess it happens a lot in this neighborhood.

@the_wombat Me too! Well, was when you were.

Up at 5 am. Work all day. Out by 11 pm.

For those curious, the boat is The Relentless. We depart Wednesday. If miracles happen it’ll be in Petaluma on Saturday.

Being a galley cook has made me powerfully aware of the saying “an army marches on its stomach”.

Eileen Hassi, Ritual Roasters owner, commits blasphemy @ Diablo Boat Works

I’m cruising down the freeway in an RV with white interior, floral furniture, and gold plastic trim. Needs a name. “Hotel Miami?”

@metaphorge I’m betting there could be some flannel shirts involved.

RT @ronnyandre: G.W. Bush, 9/11: “We’re gonna hunt you down.” Stoltenberg, 22/7: “We will retaliate with more democracy”. I’m proud to b …

Paid off a tax lien against a boat. Put that on my list of things I didn’t think I’d be doing today.

Can’t unsee it: 15 people in downtown dressed identically, I♥SF hoodies and I♥NY sweat pants.

@sherilyn What are your feelings on Wayne Knight? Cause he’s on the new season of Torchwood.

Ok here’s a question: at this point, how many friends have I invited over to eat escargot?

@miah_ It was sunny all day in my neighborhood. All day.

OH (said to a housecat): “You don’t get to go outside! Outside is for closers!”

No feeling quite like breezing down the road, elbow out the window, and getting your arm pooped on.

Pretty sure I just invented a new tool

N-scale model train layout on Craigslist Free. I speed-typed my name wrong 8 times.

Nothing like scavenging The Mission by bike on a warm, sunny day. What beautiful garbage.

That’s the problem with sparkle parties: you might leave them, but they don’t leave you.

@monkeybrainsnet I was just about to message you, but hey! It’s fixed! Great use of Twitter to communicate with customers.

@vniow Also: happy birthday!

@vniow I find that 90% of so-called “overheards” are in fact said by none other than the overhearers themselves (or their s.o.’s).

Ok, not really.

Comment card receptacle very sharp. Also no pen. Had to use blood from cut I received on comment card receptacle.

For as long as I’ve lived in SF, I’ve wanted this house. Still never even seen it —…

@paleofuture Exit polls.

@sarahbliss I require sparkles. My pants do not yet bring enough party.

“You know what they say, nothing like shopping at a Tuesday Morning on a Monday afternoon.”

The Billiard Hall with the Great Diner Inside @ Jointed Cue

In the past hour I’ve seen no less than TWO roadside sign-waving mannequins. Those are two fewer American jobs right there.

@Perfect_Timing Because John Waters is a saint, and knows that Minneapolis needs it more than we do.