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Monthly Archives: June 2011 thinks it’s Alan Lomax, but it’s actually the Collyer brothers.

@jennakmckay jennammkay

@Perfect_Timing Are you, like, a Windows developer? I don’t actually know what you do.

RT @tjcrowley: Social Media Has Overtaken Porn As The #1 Online Activity… via @sai

I don’t know about you, but this year I am PREPARED for fireworks –…

@SisterMable An ice-cold wedge of lemon, perhaps?

@jeromegv Jeez that was quick. Why am I not surprised?

Sorry, everyone. This is my fault. I’m the one that hung laundry up to dry yesterday.

@tyrsalvia That sounds. So. Cool.

@sandwichgirl A series of twisty passages, all alike.

#TIL that the first female treasurer of the U.S. did such a good job we haven’t had a male one since 1948.

@timmmii I’ve had @monkeybrainsnet for many months and never had a single issue. The connection is supposedly slow, not down right now, yes?

I have returned, bug-bitten, sunburned, brain-addled, sore, tired, and victorious. #CampTipsy

(Fun to note: even though I’m camping, I can tweet from the outhouse — just like usual. Thought y’all’d like to know!)

My good friend & former hostel manager is doing an AMA. *Any* questions at all about hosteling, here’s your chance:…

@savagecabage That’d be great. Right now TinEye can compare the search image and the results. Pretty identical otherwise.

Messier than last year. I like it. I’m constructing a floating log. #CampTipsy

Anybody need a ride to #CampTipsy tomorrow? I won’t even make you ride in the truckbed, that’s how nice I am.

With the new Google Search by Image, I can discover people ignoring my #CreativeCommons Attribution license 100x easier!…

I am C-3PO, human eyeball elation:

And this is my counterpart, R2-double-D-2:

@tjcrowley …jolly’d and pun-der’d, lol’d at with cat and rickroll…

@numberkay Congrats on your technically measurable success!

Why, if Tiny Tim’s real name was Larry Love, did he need a stage name in the first place? The world may never know.

Apparently codeine can cause snoring. Even if you’re a cute, dainty girl. A girl who doesn’t usually snore but is quite familiar with it.

Had a brilliant idea for a #CampTipsy boat last night. But now? Jeez, I had no idea that log rolling was so competitive.

Said it before, say it again: normal people are WEIRD –

If there’s one valuable thing I’ve learned from YouTube comments, it’s that everything — EVERYTHING — can possibly be viewed as offensive.

RT @mpesce: Think of the government – all governments – as the recording industry, circa 1999. #pdf11 #napster #ooops

I easily confuse tryptamine and tryptophan. Might make for a very interesting Thanksgiving some day.

What an great show! So many listeners that you somehow crashed the stream! Yeah! And podcasts apparently!

#notreally It’s just #pirateradio

@sonomabuzz I’ll get right on it! Because, embarrassingly, I don’t even have any on my phone.

Totally DJ-ing without a net. And tweeting from my primary DJ device. Because future, that’s why.

Yeah. I guess I really didn’t need the spinny part in my Tipsy video. Now that people have actually seen it I know this. I’m a beginner!

@chickenjohn Hey! I know the guy that made that!

@bubsy012 While I didn’t attend, I do have 9000+ Creative Commons photos. So… maybe? Remember what time “I” appear?

6/6 @ 6:00 pm. 5 years ago today I returned from Australia to find my family had moved. Still pleasantly surprised they told me where.

Whoa. That’s some good 6/6/6 art —

@timmmii I’m really hoping that’s a #polyamory thing. Makes sense.

I eat at the same pizza place as Lynnee Breedlove. That is all.

Gigantic stacks of film canisters seem particularly suited for Instagram @ Oddball Films