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Monthly Archives: May 2011

@sandwichgirl Also a great place to get a genuine military haircut, if that’s your thing, which for many people is apparently their thing.

Why yes, Carnaval revelers, the back of my pickup is a garbage dump and I am the garbageman. Now pay me.

OH “I’m from Oklahoma, we still get a single order of edamame for takeout.”

They’re panties, they’re for men, and they’re disposable. Nothing to see here. @ Japantown

Someone’s having a bad day, but I’m not @ California Palace of the Legion of Honor

I’m always late. But I’ll be on real soon for RADIO UNPRONOUNCEABLE. Today, late because I actually made something cool.

@catcubed The dog is the best-dressed character on that cover.

When Danielle Steel says “[SF has] no style, nobody dresses up—you can’t be chic there” I think the entire mise-en-scène somehow eluded her.

I have possibly the world’s best remix of Mah Na’ Mah Na’. And once I’m done cutting this video together I’ll never want to hear it again.

Went on a fun camping trip to Salt Point for our anniversary on Sunday. But now we’re sick. But that’s ok cause, you know, fun camping trip.

Attention: cynics of the world — this is a raspberry beret that I found in a secondhand shop @ Goodwill – Haight

@mediapathic I’m just gonna leave this here, and you can click it if really necessary…

“If I eat fake vomit, then puke it up, is it still fake vomit?”


Pete Goldie is making us guess moons. #drhal @ Chez Poulet

Fun Mother’s Day Factoid: few understand or use the word “nulliparous,” but many know and use “baby-mama.”

Filename: “Taking a Deck Chair and Attaching Styrofoam to It.MTS” Finally putting together my Camp Tipsy videos.

@sonomabuzz Cheapest gas in SF: $4.17 – SR: $4.13. Cheapest Chevron in SF: $4.27 – cheapest in SR: $4.23. As it should be?

@timmmii Maybe I will. AHH!

If there’s no experiential difference for someone who knows much vs. someone who knows little, why even bother‽

Boy, I waste a lot of time trying to grok complex issues only to wind up with mostly neutral opinions. Fucking nuance.

Got a new pair of glasses today. They look AWESOME…

@timmmii Yeah, exactly. I am unemotional. I am unmoved. I am somewhat interested.

Is it OK that I kind of don’t care? Not that I (or anyone) need permission to not care, but I kind of don’t care.

@sfslim Thus is written the first chapter of a new scripture. And the first verse is “humans are actually awesome.”

Most of this thermometer was totally our stuff @ Savers Daly City

@sandwichgirl Well, good advice. And, ewwww. And: wouldn’t it help if someone had licked it off shortly afterwards?

@Perfect_Timing Oh, thank goodness no. We got that a week ago. You want a paper nativity set, Ira? I got one for you…

Just got caught selling someone’s Christmas present BY that someone. Stoopid Internet.

@sherilyn No no no, slander is when it’s not true.

Even if my traditional new-media cross-platform promotion isn’t ideal here, I don’t care, BUY MY STUFF

@Perfect_Timing It was… a gift. And baby Jesus has yet to come in handy for art projects.

The President takes down The Donald:

Served! Served! Served!

@nthmost Time in the title. Confusing though; we’ll change it.

You read this; you know me. And you know I have loads of cool junk. Tomorrow YOU… can own… a piece of that junk.…

@mhoobler @chickenjohn Donation only. Totally, probably, totally different.

@tootz3 Donation only. Totally, totally, probably different.

@nthmost My guess is peanut flavor does a good job of masking powdered chemical nutrition additives. Also, what a beautiful #WhiteWhine!

Sooo Much Puke. Little-known fact: @ChickenJohn made a bunch of minestrone soup, heaved it, and shellacked it.