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Monthly Archives: April 2011

@vniow To adapt Parkinson’s Law, “furnishings expand to fill the square footage available” –…

@catcubed Sure hope they made it home safe and sound; wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to those poor, delicate things…

@nthmost I dug the super-stylish raygun cowgirl thing it had going. Maybe I help you get some glamour shots in next time we do a show?

Somebody hearted the Mission. Too bad thus isn’t there anymore as of this morning.

Ok, a tin foil hats anniversary is silly. But *someone* wants to renovate the entire system so “every anniversary is wishlists.” PFFT I SAY.

How happy am I to get Dengue Fever? Very happy. And I didn’t even need to go to Cambodia. ♫

Well look at that. Some ass came out at 7:30 AM to remove everyone’s initials and cool stuff in the concrete. What ever shall we do.

@sleepbotzz Ha! I knew you weren’t talking about Larry Harvey yesterday.

Your secret’s safe w/ me (and the many anti-Chicken people in SF).

If your guess was “things now embedded in the fresh cement outside the Zebest home” you are correct. How’d you know?

@sonomabuzz Excellent guess! But no, not on this occasion.

What do these objects have in common?

•an F5 key
•a gold coin with an angel on it
•7 cheap metal necklaces

Manager informs unheard-of band their music is being pirated by 1000s; panicked declarations ensue; manager is an idiot…

Factual criticism: @ChickenJohn FAKED a mustache for almost all of 2007. Oh yes he did.

It makes no sense to criticize someone for being both spotlight-seeking AND self-satisfied. Consider that, @ChickenJohn grumblers.

How it works:

You give a song the genre “Alternative.”

I read the genre as “I don’t really understand music, and I also hate scrolling.”

“Do not leave safety of house! The angry god of the street, He will pass, is passing, has passed!”

-my cat’s thoughts on street-sweeping

(interestingly, Karen Carpenter informs me that my problem is that I care too much, which is more or less true.)

You know what my problem is? I’m listening to “You Know What You’re Problem Is?” on Nose Hair Lint Gland,

On @RadioValenciaSF in 10 minutes. What day is it? Star Wars day.

@ozreiuosn I was really nice to everyone at every step, dressed well going to court, and the officer didn’t show up.

Really really nice outside. And a little golden ticket reward @ Toxic Beach

Immediately after getting my cell phone driving citation dismissed, “I’ve Got A Golden Ticket” plays on @RadioValenciaSF. Coincidence? Yes.

RT @chris23: Joint Chiefs: America has the wrong priorities. [Important signal from the Pentagon.]]…

@sherilyn Oh, you mean after the FBI foils their plan of nuclear Armageddon at the last minute. God bless the PATRIOT act. #conspiracy

Christian pirate ventriloquist hiphop at Movies on a Big Screen in Sacto. You are now jealous.

We may or may not have three of these giant fruit baskets.

Merry Easter, go to Hell.

@paleofuture My dad did the same thing. Which, among other effects, led to us not being able to fit a car in the garage.

@nthmost I can think of more than a few “mature adults” who couldn’t survive the rigors of that test.

@timmmii They’re installing those awful bumpy yellow curb cuts. @sfdpw lets any disabled person request them—but no one can unrequest them.

Second time in 5 years of San Francisco that my car window’s been smashed. Not bad, actually. And this time I wasn’t sleeping in it.

For the record, that was a great Unpronounceable show. Thanks to all who listened, tried calling in, or thought we sucked less than usual.

Hey! Time for another Radio Unpronounceable! As soon as we get into the studio, that is.

“This is just a meat smoothie!”

“The next step is ‘line a pan with bacon.’”

My Wife, the Pâté Maker.

I built a hat rack! And I only cut myself once!

Whoever said “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” didn’t have lemons as slimy as mine. #HomemadeEscargot

RT @TheECC: Sad to see the Dazzle Hearse go, but it’s time. Interested? 3 days to go on the auction:

After all that delicious Ethiopian food, I feel like listening to all my wonderful Ethiopiques music. And that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Ok, cool, got my taxes done.

Geez, guess I should start doing my taxes.