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Monthly Archives: March 2011

@satiredun Same thing happened to Lynae once; there’s probably too much iron in your vitamins (dorkbreath).

When will The Long Tail catch up to fanfic? Looking forward to the Jijaki, Kijititatak Gikta, and The Watcher. Thanks in advance, interwebs.

@CalvinChaos No, I knew you were just showing off your phone skillz. The screaming afterward was just rockstar practice. Nice demonstration!

Went to an open house today. Thanks to my quizzical nature, noticed a cache of jewelry left in a crawlspace.

Crawled in. Mardi Gras beads.

@xek Me, I figure there’s not someone on a waiting list somewhere just bumped for their brain transplant. You want it should go in a jar?

I used to say “don’t touch me!” but now I say “noli me tangere!” because it’s weirder and fewer people get it.

RT @satiredun: Just a reminder- 3 days left to vote for my threadless design!…

“Grognard” is still an amazing word (& personality type (& I bet the Yiddish are jealous they didn’t think of it)).

@ContraryLemming The point at which the edges of the biosphere and the universe become coterminous is known as the “Omega Point.”

You can pick your spouse, and you can pick your battles, but you can’t pick your spouse’s nose.

Französisch-Japanische pop brillanz mit Multi-Kulti-Bubblegum-Psych-Rock plus kinderchor: Ye Ye becomes Yama Yama! –…

@sherilyn Neither does “Yiff,” which has 500K more search results! He said, pedantically!

@nthmost Fire, women, and dangerous things? #thinkigetit

Based solely on my breakfast, I’d say I’ve received about 1 Banana Equivalent Dose of radiation today.

@neiltyson I don’t care what the experts say, howling at it is still good cheap fun.

Achievement unlocked: forget to take driver’s license on road trip.

(in other news, we got our car back 2 days ago.)

Spending my St. Patty’s evening watching Sublime Frequencies’ music doc “Niger: Magic and Ecstasy in the Sahel”. Because why not?

I dreamt that I wore a tie to work. Then I woke up and wore a tie to work.

@paleofuture Don’t think they wouldn’t, if the licensing weren’t an issue. One word: seigniorage.

#Instabet letter #Z, from back cover of Roger Anderson’s “Letters From Mayhem” @ Fartpartment

#Instabet Letter #I @ Fartpartment

Em dash, for the #Instabet

OH: “Don’t lie, I live here too. Everybody knows everybody.”


@sonomabuzz No way! Wow. Such amazing stories.

@xek #explainthejoke #please


@timmmii Their music culture is extremely active due to a number of factors, notably mainstream awareness & use of file-sharing. They win.

Fuck Yeah Hipster Ariel


Ugh. 2 months in, I just realized the older kids will be calling 2011-2012 “the tweens.”

Is there a drug that gets you introspective & musically-inclined like this fever does w/out the Athena-grade headache?


@the_wombat Me too. I think. I went to a rockin’ birthday party. What’s your story?