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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Funny how much vampires and hungover people have in common.

@SisterMable We’re out. Is it over yet? Can we come back?

In need of a song to match Bay Area’s weather & hung up on Christmas being 10 months away? “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is my go-to.

Many have called 867-5309. But only the brave dial 1-900-MIX-A-LOT.

RT @Emergency_In_SF: SNOWING: ok, not an “emergency.” But it’s official. Snow being spotted on Twin Peaks and parts of Sunset. Last snow …

@jeromegv You would be correct in that assumption. And by the way, Jerome, you’re my favorite blog commenter. I looked.

Sweet mother of lots of rain, that’s a lot of rain. Which means the 40% chance of snow tomorrow has a 10% chance of staying more than a day.

Fixed broken permalinks today. Found a dozen misaligned comments too. Conservatively, I spend ~20x more time fixing my blog than writing it.

@whole_tost Did it promise free mobile minutes if you forwarded the pro-Gaddafi message? Hear that’s going around.

If you got all the references in that last tweet, my wife and I would like to talk with you.

You’d probably enjoy it too.

On breast milk banks: “Donation is for suckers who don’t know the concept of the Great Material Continuum.”

@TelstarLogistic I’m not sure if you could fairly call it city-threatened. That-One-Asshole-Neighbor-threatened, certainly.

To my enduring confusion, I continue to find “common sense” very counter-intuitive.

@nthmost You should really consult a flowchart or something. I think it’s in the owner’s manual.

(I’ve been using #WordPress since 1.2. So I’m a curmudgeon. But if revisions weren’t implemented so stupidly, I’d have no problem.)

It’s been 2 years, 6 months & 29 days since #WordPress 2.6. Now, finally, I’ve managed to erase all evidence that my revisions ever existed.

@sherilyn I could get you a cowboy hat if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Judging from how much their language looks like key-mashing anyway, I bet the Welsh really like QWERTY keyboards.

@the_wombat @metaphorge Well that’s simply poppycock.

#TIL the Great Oxygenation Event was a metabolic leap, doubled the minerals on Earth & began the largest extinction ever…

@sherilyn Thanks. So much. No really.

My next #WordPress plugin will be called “Put Revisions in Their Own Goddamned Database Because that’s What Actually Makes Sense.”

@jeromegv Thanks, man. At least I fixed the shitter.

19 year-old brother has cancer. Car accident means I don’t have a car to go see him. And now the shitter’s clogged. When it rains it pours.

Big ups to all righteous browser devs who know that header, footer, article & section are block-level elements. Cough, not Mozilla, cough.

Damn, does anyone have a copy of “Paul Bunyan and the Spambot?” The original Tales of the Singularity website is gone as is Google’s cache.

“Jenny Holzer says things sometimes and often they are true.”

—Not @JennyHolzer

“If you’re not entirely sure what you’re saying yourself, then there isn’t really any room for misinterpretation.”

—David Shrigley

When we called SFPD they thought our accident was a different one at the same intersection. Just saw a car hit a bicyclist. Interesting day.

Everyone’s fine. But we do need to take a cab to get the rest of the way to visit my b @ San Francisco City Hall

Unintended consequence of the day: requiring sex offenders to go to door-to-door encourages kiddie porn rings — they find people who share.

@vniow Whoa. 8 year olds, dude. 8 year olds.

A snowclone is born. Cf. “No, the female reproductive organs aren’t a dump truck, they’re a series of tubes.”

That there are still people out there who think that favicons are bad boggles the mind. I once lived off favicons for a week.

@satiredun “Baby-daddy” works. As do anonymous literature drops.

Sure, it’s not the most true to the original, but it’s peppy. It’s got pep. ♫

Huh, look at that. A WordPress security update. Don’t see that everyday.

@SisterMable Teabagging is strictly forbidden at the Fudge Palace!

#TIL the Hmong likely had an eastern European origin, and were known to the Chinese as the “Miao” — people who talk like cats. Not. Kidding.

Bitches don’t know ’bout my manual malware removal skillz.