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Monthly Archives: January 2011

“Trololo Interruptus” -unexpected conclusion of trololoing.

Reprasentin the Radio V @ the Dark Room Theater

Some days you’re stuck chasing your own tail cause you can’t seem to pull it out of your own ass.

Some days you make a lot of progress, you organize, you build, you tenuously push back the borders of darkness of entropy and rot.

Strongly considering setting out a bowl of milk for the mischief-making fair folk who are having some fun at my expense.

When all you have is an orbital nuke, everything starts looking like an alien-infested Hadley’s Hope. It’s the only way to be sure.

“When did I go into some sort of voodoo trance and beat expert minesweeper in under three minutes‽ How did I even click that fast‽”

“Sky so clear you can see what kind of plane it is.”

“Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM”

You can say that again, PHP.

@TelstarLogistic Well, I knew they were gonna get us back for accidentally (“accidentally”?) bombing their embassy in Serbia somehow.

Use Chrome or Safari? Wanna feel amazed at (and smug about) your browser? CSS3 animation demos:…

Morning becomes eclectic. The show and the feeling.

#TIL that each Justice of the United States Supreme Court has a spittoon next to his or her seat in the courtroom –…

@xek Might you explain that, exactly? I don’t anticipate much white noise originating from my babies.

Oh, I almost forgot:

1) Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva?

I really get the impression that, even if this guy wasn’t Tuvan Elvis, he’d still be awesome to hang out with.

Kongar-ol and Paul Pena reunited

The Genghis Blues Review totally packed little Kaleidoscope gallery.

Really hoping to get tickets to see Kongar-ol Ondar tonight. The loud boy of Tuva, two blocks from my house!

As a health experiment, I’ve stopped using soap. And I’m putting together a radio show. No soap, radio. #getit #doyougetit

“It is what it is” — a more permeating syllogism translating as “fuck it” never was there to be found.

Once you realize you’ve been working on your laptop for 5 hours straight, it’s time to get out of bed already.

@sandwichgirl What seems to be the issue, muggle?

When pressured to decide which is stranger — Serbia, Bulgaria, or Suburbia — I still honestly can’t say.

@DocPop Eppur si muove…

RT @SultanAlQassemi: BREAKING NEWS: Al Jazeera Tunisian dictator Ben Ali has left Tunis and Tunisian Parliament Speaker Fuad Mbazaa has …

“A visual design that combines a sleek look, clean lines and appealing colors with a task oriented design.”

Wow, XP just never gets old.

My snoring last night was EPIC. Now I remember why I check my tweets first thing in the morning…

“Oh no, my mom was there. She would lay in the backseat of the car and cry that we were all gonna die.”

What, you people don’t know about my wife’s run-ins with the tribes of dwarves?

@sherilyn We just have a thing — if we’re in public & I leave for a sec, some crazy midget albino seal baby will show up. So she says anyway

@Orinz We just have a thing — if we’re in public & I leave for a sec, some crazy midget albino seal baby will show up. So she says anyway.

#contextfree “I entertain monkeys.”

“Congratulations, that’s your tagline now.”

Sometimes I forget that I’m not as funny as I think I am, but then I remember, oh yeah! I am. Ha.

@miah_ See? Winter! It’s a conspiracy against us!

@sherilyn Holy shit, and Lynae wasn’t even there to tell me about it later and have me tell her that’s not possible.

Whew. Almost made a Sorting Hat/Swording Hat faux pas. How gauche.

CSS3 really is as fun as a barrel of monkeys… monkeys that, for once, don’t get angry and tear all your shit up and ruin everything.

@sherilyn It’s funny because it’s true. And it’s not funny because it’s a consistent personal problem of mine. Poto Cabenga Ota Benga!

@TheECC I shall give my condolences to the family of the fatted calf. Welcome back!