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Monthly Archives: December 2010

I just realized that the reason I thought I didn’t like Hungary — the only reason — is that Hungary kicked my n00b backpacker ass.

OH: “Here, drink this, it’ll grow hair on your palms.”

I love how everything my mom makes is just like mom used to make.

Wow lotta stuff to be had on Freecycle and Craigslist Free right now. Wonder why.

1:1 is the new 2:3 @ Fartpartment

@himynameisthor That explains all those parties in The Castro.

@sherilyn Despite the respectably-large cadre of noobs, none of them were stupid. Except the part where paid to see a bad movie, of course.

…then he puzzled & puzzled till his puzzler was sore…

“Then he whipped out some lotion and puzzled some more!”


Here at The Dark Room, deep in the heart of Godless SF, the unholy war on Christmas continues una @ The Dark Room

@Perfect_Timing I got your back, though, dude.

Pants status: not pajamas.

@catcubed NO SPOLIERS and also, holy shit, really? That means something coming from you. Well, better invent something cooler…

@himynameisthor Congratulations. Next year we’ll try harder.

@Perfect_Timing John Waters says that his favorite art pieces are ones that maybe 3 or people get — and everyone else hates.

@sherilyn It’s not so bad. You get to listen to Christmas songs on your birthday every year. If you’re lucky you even get your own!

For me, the most sentimental present is a correctly spelled name. Not naming names, just naming names.

@jeromegv Like France but more techno. If that’s possible.

@calvinchaos Merry Christmas, little dude! Being nice was easy this year, but next year you’ll actually have to perform over a whole annum.

@sherilyn Amen. That’s the restaurant where they give you free dessert if it’s God’s birthday, right?

The slaughter of wrapping paper commemceth.

@satiredun “He died penniless, in the shell of his destroyed home. And now his music has left the solar system.” ~The West Wing, paraphrased

@vniow Yeah, but c’mon, where are you gonna get that at a moments notice?

It’s a lot easier to respect people’s skills when you desire those skills.

“Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s smarts.”

“Guess What Country” isn’t fun to play if it’s always the same answer! — Bioengineered singing mouse developing language…

@mediapathic I feel like someone must have copypasta’d that after hacking Reddit to display items posted in the future.

As far as original definitions, both geekbreath & dorkbreath make semantic sense as insults. Not so, nerdbreath.

@miah_ Look at the tiny @miah_‘s next to the tiny tree!! I hope they’re real, but if not they are convincing replicas.

@Perfect_Timing It means the meme works.

“Look. The pixels are so tiny you can’t see them.”

“What are pixels?”

“They’re the def in hi-def.”

“That’s nice. I’ve always liked def.”

Wrapping gifts with safety scissors and clear duct tape — that’s the idea anyway.

@the_wombat Ah! Obviously…

@outofsequences No, I’m sure I’d remember if I had amnesia. What was the question exactly?

@the_wombat What does the OB stand for? I’ve always wondered…

“Every day can be your birthday when you have… have… what’s the disease where you can’t remember anything?”

“Brain damage.”

@Ozreiuosn If you experience deep rectal itch as a result of using our toothpaste, discontinue use immediately.

Dangnabbit, I wasnt able to jailbreak my new iPhone in the time it took to walk home. Guess we’ve regressed as a culture. Also: yay! iPhone!

Need a rainbow? Take a rainbow.
Have a rainbow? Leave a rainbow.

Single rainbow! What does it mean!?

Come on, if it’s this dark at 6am how the hell will I know when to go to bed?

@bubsy012 Mercury is in retrograde, too, don’t forget.