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Monthly Archives: November 2010

There comes a time in every man’s life where he simply can’t say no to armwarmers.

Been working on a new design for my website for a week. Just hand-coded a new search function. That’s just how I roll. Roll my own.

I have managed to double my computer’s memory (by 4 GB) as well as storage (by 2 TB) in one day. Through the miracle of loved ones.

Yesterday I got one of the kids I hung out with to count down from pi bottles of beer on the wall. And you did not.

RT @paleofuture: I’m just sick of the commercialization of this holiday. Have we forgotten the true meaning of Black Friday?

Just got stabbed in the eye with an umbrella by a 6 year-old. Wouldn’t be the first time.

Looks like I volunteered for another pirate radio station. Here’s hoping this turns out better than last time. Like that’ll be hard.

@miah_ Was it possibly from Prussian-war late 19th century Silesia, by any chance? You and me and @panavatar might be related.

My holiday hobby:

“I’d like to get one of these slatted spoons, but they’re $8. Whadda you think?”
“Christmas is coming!”

@Ozreiuosn Methinks the lady doth protest too much about protesting little.

@Perfect_Timing Happy un-birthday, that is.Thanks!

27 years ago, my mom watched her due date come and go. I emerged three weeks later. Thanks for hangin’ in there, Mom.

“I am not naming my crabs after American presidents with mustaches!” –things I yelled before dinner tonight.

“Get me a Coke?” “What kind?” “Sprite” :: “Torrent me something?” “From where?” “iTunes”

Can’t decide if it’s colder than a witch’s teat or a well-digger’s ass in Montana. In other news, some weather we’re having, huh?

Q: What sound does a Klingon rooster make?
A: ba-GAHK!!

(helpful hint: if you make this noise on the first hiccup, you can avoid the rest)

“This is the 1st time I’ve made salmon cakes since I horribly burned myself 9 years ago. I figured it’s too cold to forget to wear clothes.”

@catcubed Well, if rust wasn’t a problem before… on the other hand, now would be a great time for a workshop on oxidation.

So THAT’S what the Wrath of God sounds like. Some weather we’re having, huh?

“Calque” is a loanword from the French verb calquer (to trace, to copy), while “loanword” is a calque of the German “Lehnwort.”

Advice columnist Ann Landers called it “the most controversial issue in my column’s 31-year history” –… (I’m an over)

“Be a juror,” they said.

“An enlightening look at how our society works,” they said.

“Case dismissed, thanks for showing up,” they said.

Think I figured out why I liked Garfield when I was nine. Because mornings, ugh, that’s why.

Fun fact: the common ancestor of all humans is within history, for westerners (read: Europeans) possibly Charlemagne

“Well, what would be the point of a husband-wife genealogy project if not to find our most recent common ancestor?”

Coming to the sudden realization that I can get internet that doesn’t suck for free with Monkeybrains. Whoops. (thanks @satiredun)

Today I’ll not be Twittering from court (where I have jury duty) a break from my usual not Twittering from home.

@sherilyn Hm. I guessed tonight’s word correctly.

Stretch SUV limo broken down in front of my house. Not what I was expecting; still kinda wacky though.

Trying a little experiment:

I sure do like my neighborhood.

Now, if anything gets wacky in the Mission in the next few days I’ll know why.

Guess what I was doing on 11/11 at 11:11? Well, I don’t know either because that’s not how that trick works.

For sale: baby foreskins, never used.…

@cameo Don’t tell Flock that; they’re still going strong after 5 years.

#TIL that the word ‘dad’ first entered the English language via Angloromani, a gypsy dialect —…

@EmmaDanger Go to bed, young lady! You’re too small to time travel!

Time travel successful! Once again, I ate just enough riboflavin to make the jump.

@cameo Lynae and I dropped out & got CHSPEs (a CA-specific GED). We both hated school & were both kinda sorta really bad at it.

@Ozreiuosn Philip K. Dick said that the Bay Area in the 70s went insane. “That place, at that time, was simply fucked.” So: could be worse?

@Perfect_Timing Shit! Sorry, fella. See, this is why I should have Twitter in my brain.

Sort of drove through downtown Oakland just an hour ago. Counted 5 news vans, 24 squad-cars in procession. Nothing at all happening.