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Monthly Archives: October 2010

@metaphorge Crap. There goes my costume idea.

She’s been my wife long enough that I know when she links to ONE animal in a hat picture, there are 40 more where that came from.

@Perfect_Timing …he said, breaking his sarcasmometer.

@the_wombat Mazel tov! I’ve tolerated the breaking of glasses much better since I learned to say ‘mazel tov.’

The Great Material Continuum flows through us, it binds us, it joins humanity together.

Cf. “The buck doesn’t even slow down here.”

Huh. Unpublished tweet from our Euroland trip:

“oh my god they’re FULL OF CHOCOLATE no one told me they were FULL OF CHOCOLATE”

@DocPop If you mean Bundaberg (and I’m sure you do, since their ginger beer is awesome) I believe the BevMo on Bayview has them

@sleepbotzz @panavatar Let’s make sure to do it on an extra-foggy extra-cold day. It’ll trick our brains something crazy this time of year.

Complain all you want about how it gets earlier every year, in 2011 I’m planning my Christmas beginning in April.

RIP OiNK’s Pink Palace, 10/23/07 — never forget! (…that the good guys eventually won that lawsuit)’s_Pi…

RT @paleofuture: Be kind to a stranger today. It will briefly distract you both from the certain futility of human existence.

Been back more than a week & my house is still a total, utter, complete mess. Which is to say even messier than usual.

@PhilDarnowsky You know it’s Thursday, right? Brown-noser.

@satiredun Perhaps you aren’t following enough city services. @sfdpw, @SFWater & of course @TelstarLogistic. Explanation:

#Dream: sitting in a Czech language class, drinking Kofola, trying to shush my wife’s complaints that we should’ve done this BEFORE we went.

Today is 10/20/2010. Palindromes aren’t numerology but they’re still neat.

“Are you telling me that a man that took a rocket in the eye 3 days ago is out here painting a thermostat?” #contextfree #bmn #wtf

Whoops. Looks like we missed the 600th anniversary of Prague’s Astronomical Clock by 3 days. Well then.

Contemplating the possibilities of the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics.

Oh, man. Oh. I didn’t realize I missed avocados this much.

Home in my own bed. Cracks in ceiling like cracks in a human palm. Homesickness waveform collapse; spectrum absorption.

How vert easily one can tell, sometimes, who is going TO San Francisco and who is coming FROM Dallas. You know what I mean.

11:11 arrival at SFO. Makes sense.

@vniow Boston airport fuckin’ blows. Added to my “confirm” pile.

Dallas. Why does it always have to be Dallas.

Now continues the climate-controlled purgatory of air travel. At least I have good training on enjoying the sights from using Google Earth.

Strange that both Hungary & Serbia should be in the news so soon after we visited them. 2 out of 3, Chile.

@DocPop Guess who’s on the Reddit front page now?

Hint: you.

Today, at long last: Sam Frisky-ward!

Oh, to be back in the land of ubiquitous credit card acceptance. So very very far from Dimitrovgrad.

Sometimes I forget that most people don’t just Google the propositions on election day, but that’s why we have robocalls.

Could’ve tweeted from downtown Detroit earlier today, but, you know, all the roving gangs of gypsy bandits.

@sherilyn What about American Beauty’s topless scene? Better tits than ScarJoHan. But perhaps she’s just too… FUNKY.

Thought I was immune to jetlag. Yet here it is, 7:30 am, and my pineal gland still in Prague.

Oh shucks. Going to miss Fleet Week. Gee. Darn.

@sherilyn Proving once again that thinking too highly of oneself is directly correlated to wearing a suit to work.

The reception caterers put beef in the cabbage rolls. The groom’s family is Hindu. Orin & Lynae’s labels save the day!

“He was making a funny face! I never see his ‘I’m reciting’ face!”

For the record, any wedding where the bride breaks down in a giggle fit is a good wedding.

Congratulations, Natasha and Manu! Funnest courthouse wedding I can imagine.