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Monthly Archives: September 2010

STUCK IN DIMITROVGRAD, a border town in Serbia — no Serbian Dinar, no ATM in train station. Shit.

Ah, yes. Baggage control. Too bad I was on another train car informing of the time zone change.

Ok and now there is a time zone change because like things aren’t hard enough Europe thanks for being huge. NOT.

Travel agent sold me only 1 ticket from Sofia to Belgrade. Serbian train staff can get us as far as Dimitrovgrad. Must fix it there quick.

Sorry for being Bulgar, but this country was one of my fuckin’ favorites.

Epic train coordinating success — +60 self-esteem points.

They do HOT and COLD pretty well, maybe one day these places will have warm showers.

Bulgarian beach resort at 4:30 AM. Worth it? Worth it.

@catcubed If there were another tweet that deserved to be today’s tops on Favstar, I don’t know it.

Varna, a beautiful and ancient city marred by only occasional torrential downpours.

For those playing along at home, here’s the location of the nukalur plant I [could’ve] spat on from the train

Pirate-themed hostels are the jankiest. In a good way. Especially when they’re thousands of miles from the Caribbean.

You get 40 points if you hit the nuclear power plant with a spitball.

There was a time when there were no weeds & no graffiti in this railyard, & it was a less happy time than now.

Operation: Varna — though a risky maneuver — appears to be proceeding within parameters.

It took us awhile to discover that The Apartment was streaming SF’s @somafm, but when we realized, it was pretty cool. And it figures.

Of course, of course we come to Bulgaria and go to the country’s best hipster chill spot

Bulgaria has a VICE office too. The Bulgarian version only uses English in the Dos & Don’ts, which consist only of men with beards.

“You’re the one that wanted to come to a country where they nod for no & shake for yes.”

“And who wanted to come to the Indian restaurant?”

It is my desire to evangelize the “plastic bag rustling causes murder” rule of hostel roommateship.

@nthmost Possibly the worst idea ever, but I guarantee you’ll cry given your description: “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father”

Serbia was good, I don’t even have to curve on a Belgrade.

Sorry. This is getting hard.

@charliejane Jim Carrey talks up DMT in a refreshingly considered way, if memory serves. YouTube search suggested.

[2/2] His country later became landlocked & then the internet happened. He’s sold coins ever after. Lesson: it’s good to have a hobby.

[1/2] Today at Kal-MEGA-lodon we bought communist coins from a man who collected 1000s as a radio officer in the Yugoslav navy.

Q: Can you get to the ancient fortress of Kalmegalodon w/out GPS?

A: It’s not really called that, but yes.

First they came for the cloves, and I did not speak out—for I was not a clove smoker. Then they came for the chews…

Not only do the cafes allow smoking, they will sell you cigarettes with your coffee. I don’t smoke—yet I realize this is what Freedom means.

Because I have no coverage here, I’m walking around Belgrade with no GPS. It truly is barbaric… like living in the 20th century.

Addendum: Gay, Eurotrash, or Prostitute?

Budapest was big, and kind of frustrating. We were Hungary for more.

Missed our train to Ljubljana via Salzburg last night, ended up on the express to Belgrade for much cheaper. Bless you, Wasteels.

Is there any travel experience quite like huddling in the warmth of free wi-fi from a Budapest McDonald’s? I don’t think so.

@satiredun At least the Germans are used to drinking beer; I can make no such caveat for drunken 16 year-old Frenchies.

@panavatar Please add “if we are lucky” to that sentence.

Our new favorite game to play in eastern Europe: “Gay or Eurotrash?”

Seriously, though, Budapest is too goddamn big. Goddamn.

Bitch about coverage all you want; once you’re paying $10/MB & lost in Budapest you’ll be jonesing for AT&T’s good ol’ unlimited data usage.

@Perfect_Timing Good to know we have resource for most languages, although Klingon is notably absent

Well, this is embarrassing.

/me googles “how to use a Hungarian bidet”