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Monthly Archives: August 2010

At City Hall. Filing something important.

@panavatar Yay! “Oh boy!” Oh boy!

Glad to deliver.

Lynae: “Between Fourth of July and this, remind me to never complain about those housing projects again.”

@Ozreiuosn I don’t care who you are or what kind of family you have, adolescence is always embarrassing.

Thanks, LJ, it’s very sweet of you to remind me that my spouse’s birthday is in 2 days. Maybe… maybe I’ll gift her with a paid account!

In need of amusement? IM my wife. She loses more keys every day. es, fun fo one nd ll!

Schadenfreude: joy and shame. ____: gratitude and embarrassment. ____ is what I have right now. Thanks, you-know-who.

Beware: as consequence of spare-the-air day, cops across SF are giving tickets like it’s 2am. This tweet helpfully sent from a car.

@sherilyn What, Cinemageddon and MySpleen? I didn’t know you were a spleener.

Yes! It’s a good bedhead day!

How fucked is Australia’s internet? I just discovered that rates for smartphone-using Aussies are more than for data-roaming foreigners.

I hate getting a swollen tastebud. It’s like there’s a dead pixel on my tongue.

I give you: fish with stuff on them! –

What the hell kind of factory is full of people who sit around tattooing fish? (video to follow)

“Make me one with everything.”

“Change must come from within,” said the hot dog vendor, handing back the $20 bill.

It was cute at first, but spousefriend has been going “peep” now for an hour. She’s doing it in her sleep.

At Social Security office. There’s a printed sign on the wall about how the blind can get documents in Braille.

…and I was enlightened.

There is a special level of hell reserved for garbageman who spill packing peanuts.

@Ozreiuosn Well, that is what our DMV handbook says to do… in case another car runs into it while parked. You know about right on red, yeah?

I just had a near-butt experience.

Rasputina in concert. Happy early birthday, spousefriend!

Been married three months now. I think this anniversary is aluminum foil hats, if I’m not mistaken.

The cover band totally just rickrolled the whole Tona Room. Who said the meme is dead.

I have discovered the Secret Museum of Mankind: 1925-1948.

Finished another book. Sigh. This is why I don’t read books.

I hit my head really hard on a cabinet. Now I can’t get the Brady Bunch theme out of my mind. Should I… should I see a doctor?

@laughingsquid Rather obvious, isn’t it? Clam bake.

@sherilyn “I personally find them degenerate, immoral, and corrupt.” I’m paraphrasing, but nevertheless some of them are good friends.

Finished reading Jeff Vandermeer’s novel Finch. Listened together with John Zorn’s soundtrack for Last Supper. Can’t explain. Transcendant.

Regarding yesterday’s “Jerry Day” remark: I discovered that because I was myself shopping at Rainbow grocery. Make of that what you will.

Paused to pet a strange cat in Juri Commons. As Furry Lewis once said, if a train don’t come gonna be some walking done.

Hm. If I’d have picked blackberries yesterday instead of today, I’d have been in McLaren Park for Jerry Day. Dodged that bullet I guess.

Hate waking up with no bedhead. It’s like the sleep didn’t even count.

@Ozreiuosn The sad thing is, not only do I know that joke, I know that Batman tells it.