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Monthly Archives: July 2010

@CJPoll Not very well, I’m afraid. There is conflict between what’s said and what’s observed—which is some kinda literary whoosit I’m sure.

It appears that for months I’ve been unpublishing photos from Flickr as fast as I’ve been publishing them. Because I’m a photo expert.

I wipe my ass with Costco. Because they have the cheapest bulk toilet paper.

Bike ride after yoga session. Because I’m going traveling in 6 weeks and I don’t wanna be a big fat American.

Stroller people offend me—you’re not in a supermarket, asshole, you’re in a damn reptile house & your genetic groceries can’t appreciate it.

Riding the monorail costs only $1. Truly, this is the future.

@nthmost Shhh, keep your voice down! Camp Tipsy and @Ephemerisle might get ideas… meme ideas…

So, I’m sorta in Sacramento. Sorta going to the State Fair tomorrow. If I see anybody I know there, it’d be sorta awesome.

iPhone apps. Wait, what?

Installous. Huh?

Shut up… it’s legal, now. Possibly.

Isn’t it funny how people say “disappointed that X is encouraging people to pirate Y” and, like, 10,000 people realize they can pirate Y.

Dreamt that I hosted Bob Denver at a Hawaiian-themed pool party and was explicitly NOT to mention Gilligan’s Island. *shiver*

Awake at 11:11.

@ctpctp Not that this necessarily helps in a car, but their website has 3 streams: live, music, & news. For the discerning radio consumer.

@SisterMable My brother Patrick (not on Twitter) has almost the entire canon, I believe. Maybe he just talks like he does. Anyway: I’ll ask!

@funtobehad Missed opportunity! You could’ve come a few doors down to @darkroomtheater & I’d’ve given you free admission to Bad Movie Night.

@DocPop Whoa, just watched the 15 minute demo of Limbo. Beautiful thing. Is the rest just as gruesome?

Looks like @panavatar & I will be going to eastern Europe for our honeymoon in September. Translation: WOO!

Just received my first @nomobadphoto request to Photoshop someone’s head. Not really competant in head-shopping.

@numberkay Waittaminute, are you attending a punk show at Warmwater Cove/Tire Beach? I didn’t know those still happened there!

@vniow A conspiracy of hats! Except @the_wombat, who has cleverly disguised herself as non-hat-wearing.

“I don’t actually mind sticky children that much.”

“May we live long enough that I can make fun of you for once saying that.”

Wish I was at #notephemerisle.
Wish I didn’t have these photos to work on.
Wish I didn’t have to miss #notephemerisle to work on them.

Earthquake! Thus concludes my contribution to the Twitter Mercalli scale. #earthquake #mercalli #first #GoodUseForBirdhouse

Ethiopia. Helluva country. More spices than utensils, Ethiopia. Delicious.

Well, I meant “string quartet,” FWIW. Thanks for the RTs anyway.

String quarter across from the drum vendor, near the 4-square court. I think the Mission’s new farmer’s market looks awfully wonderful.

Look, I don’t require Japanese stereotypes, but I’d prefer narrators in NHK nature documentaries not to be the whitest whitey in whitetown.

They should’ve called it Seasonal Defective Disorder.

@outofsequences Yay! I think. I mean, I only know so little about business plans…

@Flock Could we… not be so transparently sexist? The thought should’ve occurred to you.

Remind me next time I change my name and get married not to do it together. Too damn complicated.

Every time you compare Polanski to Michael Jackson, L.A. D.A. Steve Cooley kills a kitten.

OK, not really, but you see what I’m doing here.

What rap songs can you sing on the toilet?

1) Poop! There It Is
2) 99 Problems but a Poop Ain’t One

(for @Ozreiuosn)

@vniow My dear ladyfriend @panavatar is interested, even though she doesn’t know you (any more than I do, really). Are you in the Mission?

@metaphorge Carrie, for Carrie Nation as well as… that other Carrie would function here too.

No user serviceable parts my foot. What blowhards.

@whole_tost Awesome, I love the WRM! — so much so that I actually got married there. No joke.

Thanks for the #FF, btw.

@chickenjohn I’m not being sarcastic when I say that I’m very, very happy you started regularly using Twitter. Enjoy the green ones.

Oh, gaaaaah…
Lysol in a papercut!
Lysol in a papercut!

My kinda awesome news story: complex multicellular life discovered 1.5 b-b-billion years earlier than expected –