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Monthly Archives: June 2010

@rhiannononon “Oh, now I understand. It’s a marriage proposal!”


Am I crazy, or is the Youtube better?


No way, if YouTube’s HD is actually better than Flickr’s, that’s it, I no longer understand the internet.

@nthmost As one who just managed with a very immature site, OMG, please let beans be spilled. #wordpress

@Ozreiuosn The next step is to start rating them: 1-10, character, rumble, novelty, bouquet. I’m sure you can take it from here.

RT @SisterMable: Pls RT: my car stolen last nite 94 Nissan lic 6GEU764 pearl color ‘Never Forget Tom Kennedy’ sticker on back. Thanks!

@sfsouplady “Pay It Forward” is the most charming way to say free. I have to move our 2005 Chevy Colorado today anyways. Big enough?

@rhiannononon Been there; done that. I think I might go back if there were babysitting money involved. It’s that kind of place.

@sfslim Even though I know it’s certainly a typo, the richer metaphor of the ineffable firstness of any experience still holds. Also, cocks.

“Orin, you’re so good with kids, you’re like the opposite of a child predator.”

“You mean I’m child’s prey?”


“Pretty much!”

“You guys look like you got thrashed by the beach!”

“Yeah, well, you didn’t see the beach.”

@sonomabuzz Are you RT’ing a tweet you haven’t made yet?

@sherilyn Is there any other kind? You hipster scum?

Mmm, that was a good long soak. I think some of the bugs may have even fallen off.

Since it is impossible to relay updates on an event as awesome as Tipsy, I will be live-tweeting my well-earned follow-up bath.

Screw chocolates. Life is like a bag full of jellybeans.

Toads can be confused by the light of a full moon, believing it to be a reflection on the water. I speak from experience.

Can someone with my email address please email me to see if it bounces? I’m up in the woods and can’t easily troubleshoot.

Granzella’s at dusk. What a nice place for it…

Somehow I always feel like there should be a roadtrip lane instead of a carpool lane. I mean, what would make you happier?

@Ozreiuosn I actually kinda like it. More?

@Ozreiuosn At least you didn’t spoill bwewer on yoiur kewyboard :-(

first etsy sale!

First Etsy Sale!



Where I live, Thursday parking sucks. How I live, me planning for it sucks. Usually.

Camp Tipsy is going to be awesome. My boat is going to be awesome. Awesome!

@KinkySalon We just call it San Frisky.

Feeling conflicted about @nomobadphoto for the first time. Would be quite happy being successful—not so sure about the PROCESS to get there.

I keep juu-uu-uust missing 11:11. Wonder what the hell that means.

@outofsequences Tracker = torrent website. If it’s too much $ you might want to look. Just sayin’, if you’ve invested in a computer printer…

@outofsequences Have you tried searching trackers and such?

Most people are interesting, but most people have no idea *why* they’re interesting.

Our cat Flop’s natural defense mechanism is falling over. A poor adaptation for the Serengeti, but cuttingly suited to his current environs.

@satiredun D’ah! Suck!

My evenings are your middle of the nights.

Spent a *lovely* evening dicking around with BuddyPress trying (and failing) to enable photo uploads. Doesn’t sound lovely? Well, it wasn’t.

@numberkay Hey, cool new userpic! 4 out of 5 droogies agree.

Subtitles enlighten the hearing impaired, but confuse the dyslexic. Today’s unintended consequence? No, just funny.

Well, in case anyone was wondering, pulse-dialing still works in the 415 area code. The $3.50 I spent on this ancient phone wasn’t wasted!

Damn, the noise reduction in Lightroom 3 is so good that I want to over-ISO all my photos just so I can fix them.

@sherilyn Oh, man! I didn’t know I was allowed to bring my vuvuzela!