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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Maybe I watch too many bad Hollywood movies, but I’m sorta bothered when a movie never explains its title. When do you yell “we have title?”

#SFCarnaval is in rare form this year. As someone who lives just off Harrison, I think that it must be under better management or something.

Oh, look at that. The post somehow reappeared and it’s now on my server.

Really appreciate the outpouring of support. The post is down now, so a few people have no idea what’s going on. Trying to fix that.

BTW, “the current spelling consensus is ‘oh no he DIN’T.’” Please go read this already:

RT? Why not.

Years and years of frantic last-minute essay-writing taught me to process all my complex emotions as blog comments and email responses.

@jraedisch @Perfect_Timing Uh oh, all those link re-posts mean 106 more views since when I first saw it. Thanks, fellas.

You showed apes how to play baseball, you don’t expect they’re gonna throw their feces later?

Some may find it upsetting, I find it humorous. Everyone’s a critic.

@mikl_em I can totally imagine you doing “August & September.” Unless that’s the wrong The The.

@SF311 Tweet Correction: it’s between 16th and 22nd. Carnaval has a new website at

It’s pretty trippy watching the clouds slowly clear up while simultaneously listening to a thunderstorm on

@rhiannononon S.A.D.D. = Sad About Downpour Driving?

I’ve heard that 90% of success is showing up, and it seems a significant remainder is procedural. Surprisingly small amount of awesomeness.

Annnd back again in tine for another little namey-changey shindig (yes—the clerk gave us hearings on different days).

An exceptionally kind, intelligent, sharp-witted person who was lucky enough to balance out with a twisted sense of humor. How exasperating.

“If you can’t love your child, please don’t have it because it will grow up and kill me.”

Oddly, statistics agree.

Blowroasts sound way more awesome than rainbow parties. What’s “meow-meow?”

Full disclosure: despite having the album “A Date With John Waters” he doesn’t even return my calls.

Managed to make it on time for “An Evening With John Waters” in Sacramento. Big promises, event promoter, big promises.

Dessert tamales taste pretty much exactly how one would expect moist, dense cupcakes wrapped in corn husk to taste.

“I’m gonna give you some advice on being married: don’t try and get any advice. Shit will happen and you will deal with it.” –@foujj

“I hearby decree your name changed to Lynae… Ar… Aradna Zee-best.”

Up at ass o’clock for the courthouse. This is how they punish people for wanting things from them (like name changes).

Expertly crafted, ripe with symbolism and meaning, Jurassic Park nevertheless depends on Bellisario’s Maxim

There’s a 1200p projector in my living room, and it’s showing Jurassic Park in HD. Now I can say definitively: this CGI still looks better.

I liked the old days, when the biggest complaint about a series finale was that Morn didn’t get the last line.

iPhone screen repaired at cost of $14. Gained 20 experience points in Electronics.

@sonomabuzz We got some spam the other day for Paropory Creations. Trying to figure out who in Japantown sold us out.

@sherilyn There you go again, fishing for compliments.

We somehow avoided the “Lalondenberry” trap, but fell headfirst into the “Warren & Lynnie” trap.

@Perfect_Timing Your mom’s a bumpy ride.

Honestly, past self, I know you were busy and all but couldn’t you have cleaned up just a little?

Thank you so much for your present! We really enjoyed opening it yesterday.

(Thanks, English language, for lacking a 2nd-person singular).

@Mike_FTW Thank you sir, may I have another.

Mark it: 2 days, 5 hours, 3 minutes (time since vows for us to talk about dying our hairs again).

> @sonomabuzz Correct! I would’ve also accepted “things the wife and I plan to do for 5-10 year revowification.”

Writing our own vows, making her own wedding dress, bouquet/garter toss, pictures on old rusty trains, “Be My Teddy Bear.” Can you guess?

Seems like I had more cans yesterday. Somehow one little fella hung on. Not surprised it was this one.

Ok, I don’t know how it could’ve gotten there, but I found the garter. Why is there an artichoke in my pocket?