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Monthly Archives: April 2010

@DocPop Although I dislike using quotation marks as “tongs” to handle “claims I don’t wholly trust” I still find it useful. Glad you like!

@docpop You’re a big fan of mouth harps, right? A “pocket acoustic synth” for your enjoyment:

I’m glad I didn’t mail it in, because the census-taker who just showed up at my door was quite happy to have the job. Just like I would be.

RT @TheECC: US government finally admits most piracy estimates are bogus, even ones the FBI has been using:

I love old guys who huddle together in restaurants saying “you know what’s killing this country? X, Y, & Z. And I love Z!”

Bright sky sunrise + pouring rain. Now I know what I stayed up for.

@charliejane What I find ingenious is the method of eliciting responses: a complete mockup of Facebook (sure sounds like it).

@bitsnoop Woo! Just the news I’ve been waiting for! Your Twittering does not go unappreciated.

Dear Bill Nye,

Why don’t the metal handles on Chinese take-out boxes screw up the microwave?

Yours, Kid Orin & Grown-up Orin

@satiredun You can dress in a monkey suit if you want to. Whatever works!

How many other people thought they were immortal when they were 15? Apparently it’s more common than I ever expected.

Wedding outfit. It’s an aqua pinstripe jacket on cream, with aqua pants & vest. Plan accordingly.

@sonomabuzz Thanks for the retweet! Or whatever that counts as. The video was pretty fun to make, as you can probably tell.

@satiredun To those abot to nude, we salute you.

“Nice Things:” apparently, I CAN have them –

What’s your favorite Plinkett-ism? My current favorite is “…but your brain did.” #redlettermedia

@outofsequences Gah, your job really is an emotional gravity well. That is to say, in a metaphorical way, it sucks.

So, you need to make amends with me by purchasing an expensive gift? One is now available! –

@sonomabuzz What, no retweet?

Growing up, he didn’t even like us kids using the word “butt.” So it’s pretty awesome to have my dad fart or ask me “WTF?”

@satiredun I’m so proud of you! Cross some stuff off your do-before-you-die list, huh?

@metaphorge That link got corrupted for whatever reason; sorry. Here it is again:

Banksy stuff in the Mission, here’s where it is:

And here’s what it wants:

@sfdpw Since Banksy is in town, any thoughts on instances where graffiti/street art/whatever improves property values?

I can see the headlines already: “New McCain-inspired Political Protests are a Hit… ‘n’ Run”

@metaphorge I find this succinctly expressed in the aphorism: “every idea implies its opposite.” Physics agrees w/ you:

Unintended Consequence of the Day: When only toy guns can pass security, guns will be passed off as toys.

Nothing in the whole world, nothing, makes me cry like the finale of Deep Space 9.

@Perfect_Timing Yeah, but that was *AP* Physics. This is just out there for the great unwashed to see!

RT @sfslim: Seeking cast & crew for a copyright-free reenactment of the “Downfall” meme scene. If interested email Plea …

Unintended Consequence of the Day: Wikipedia seems like a great idea until one realizes how easy it is to learn how to make nuclear bombs.

Hey, do I have any other friends on @weheartit? It’s a great image bookmarking and discovery resource –

@Ozreiuosn Hard to say, but hindsight is 2020.

@satiredun Ask him if he believes the possible loss of unique identity will ultimately help or hurt our Sagan Letter.

Need I reassert my (blasphemous) opinion that coffee tastes like burned dirt? Well it does. Ask a child.

Bizarrely, I need an excuse to see live music. This accordionist will be at my wedding, so here I am in a Berkeley coffeehouse.

@sandwichgirl While very different than any you name, I heartily recommend Keith and the Girl. It’s funny, personal, and 100% independant.

Always amused when we get junk mail from the ACLU and the NRA on the same day.

Unintended Consequence Observation of the Day: Howard Hughes was probably the only person ever to find out what eyeball sand smells like.

And what do you know, Constantin Film, it’s Hitler’s birthday. Who says evil doesn’t have a sense of humor?