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Monthly Archives: March 2010

If an expert designs a vintage-accurate shoe, falsely markets it as a 118 year-old replica, yet it’s still cool, is the shoe worth it?

Fan fiction isn’t just for popular media franchises. It works on history and music and art too. The only big hurdle is the name: “forgery.”

Trying to decide on a possible future honeymoon to either A) the Caribbean or B) eastern Europe — this is much harder than you’d think.

@outofsequences Well I could sure help with that. Not that I ever sleep. In the meantime, try

I dreamt that Obama debated Bush. It. Was. Awesome. #dream

Yeah, I’m soooo not actually awake right now.

It’s 11:10. Do you know where your auto-scheduled tweets can get more fine-grained control?

If you dig the new icon, you can now make one yourself (if you’re so inclined):

@charliejane It’s not a timeless classic unless she’s wearing only body paint the entire time.

Having totally liquidated the store’s inventory, I can share: we found Heritage Dr. Pepper and Pepsi Throwback, and they are AMAZING.

Go ahead, play the record through your computer’s soundcard, Orin. You’re just going to repeatedly click the skip song button and look dumb.

@sonomabuzz Aww, that’s sweet of you to say. The icon’s new. Think of that ‘new’ badge as a label that says ‘new.’

@outofsequences Aww, that’s nice of you to say. You’re just the Twitter user I’d expect might notice such things.

There. It’s done. Bedhead honored.

I’m a trendsetter: as soon as I street-gifted a mattress, two others followed. Hope they’re not all graffitied before Craigslisters descend.

CTAG – Creative Thursday April Gifting, a tradition named after DNA proteins, is giving stuff you can make stuff with. Cool dream.

That’s it. I’m calling it. Blogs using Rapidshare (+clones) are the best place to get rare music now, not private trackers. Crazy but true.

@charliejane Not that I would abet or even encourage the sexy, sexy pirating of music, but (link is titled “Larry”)

Pinball + gumball = today’s awesome walking-around-having-a-nice-time-in-the-sun idea.

Boy, you never realize how many names you use until you try to invite people to your wedding.

For years I’ve been coming to Punjab Chinese restaurant on 24th, and it’s always true: today’s special.

@sfdpw Always wondered what that was called! An English friend tells me she misses our glittering “sidewalks”; all she has is “pavement.”

@metaphorge A whole new world has opened up to you; try holding down keyboard characters for even more characters — like em dash!

It might sound like Bach but it’s actually Bach’s ghost channeled by “musical medium” Rosemary Brown, played through a 1978 Multimoog.

I can’t believe that worked so well! I mean, it’s rough, but… sheet music + OCR + moog =

You know, if some intrepid game developer out there wanted to make a mashup of SimEarth and Google Earth, I’d play it. Forever.

Sheet music + OCR score-to-midi converter + Moog keyboard emulator = today’s awesome bathtub idea.

Tiny pitter-patter of rain in the distance. Tiny reminders of why I still have this stupid over-sized mattress.

“Remove these ads by signing up.” It’s often the only reminder of how good your ad-blocking plugin is.

The use of Rapidhare Auto Downloader has vastly improved my rapidsharing experience –

With all the torpedo-coffins seen in sci-fi, somewhere there MUST be a trash gyre of them. A space zombie army shouldn’t be that hard.

As I ponder a cat’s understanding of causality, (fleas→human medicine→no fleas) I also ponder how to escape from a grateful lap cat.

Ok, ok, fun stuff: “sperm-people,” “dark side of the vagina,” “twisted hell of the cervix,” “extraordinary research… at a gentlemen’s club”.

“The Great Sperm Race”, a documentary that explores what human-size sperm would go through, is on YouTube in HD –

@chickenjohn I can only translate that as “this party is great!”

Must… resist urge… to tweet… about… cat!

Have acquired girl scout cookies and gasoline. Time enough to visit the Albany Bulb at sunset. That’ll do, World.

Ran out of gas on the way home from a Sacramento errand. Stuck in Albany. Send ice cream.

Ok, the program is called Subtitle Workshop, and the practice is called fansubbing. Now, to discover if they can be funny.

Say, you remember all those funny videos re-captioning Hitler? There ought to be a general purpose program for that. Is there?