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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Huh. Seems that cats can smell mercury. Good to know.

Never break a CFL bulb, even if you have fun doing it. It’s not worth the hazardous waste clean-up.

@bubsy012 You are pretty awesome. A reminder:

@whitewhines “Ugh, I got a CD so soon, that CDDB doesn’t even have it in their system yet.” /by @Ozreiuosn

To SF DPW deputy director Mohammed Nuru (@MrCleanSF): when the only tool you have is a cleaning crew, everything starts to look disgusting.

Seems that the pillow fight clean-up mob worked, reducing damage costs by 84%, but @MrCleanSF still wants money.

So many Flickr comments today! So warm and fuzzy. Soon: more photos of this place –

@Ozreiuosn Hope you don’t mind the WhiteWhine submission. Seemed appropriate.

@noticings Hey guys, everything ok? Not to be impatient but Tuesday’s photos seem stuck in the hopper.

So sick. So annoyed at being sick, again. So let’s just pretend I’m not sick.

Fortune cookie: “4 wheels will soon be fun.” Her: “Does that mean I get to ride my tricycle again!? Or… wait, that has 2 wheels.”

Does anyone know where I can buy a gembone or ammolite ring? Special ocassion. Any jewelry leads appreciated!

Great photographer, or *greatest* photographer?

I wish there was an easy way to share personal field recordings online. But, you know, RIAA.

“If I ever have to see any more decapitated monkey hands in my life, I’m done. I’m just done.” (Lynae’s thoughts on “Gorillas in the Mist)

@Ozreiuosn Dinglebear! She eats Dingleberries!

I support my local library the only way I know how — consistently incurring late fees.

My favorite pervasive, harmful, easily remedied societal ill to rail against? Failure to Grasp Complexity.

@SisterMable Cool! Is that, like, a thing now? They weren’t just Astley fans?

The Washington Tuna Packing factory in SF is totally gone. I just found out. I never went. Man, oh man.

One day, “ho” will be as outdated, affectionate and nostalgic as “dumb broad.” Shivers.

Regardless, a bittorrent grognard am I. (“Grognard” was the word used for Napoleon’s faithful old guard troops, literally “grumbler.”)

Grognard does not mean what I once thought it meant. What I thought it meant is approximately “tweakfiend…” way too methhead-y.

@sherilyn Never knew it, sadly, but have heard wonderful things since its passing. All those were ones I enjoyed personally.

@sherilyn I made the switch. Mostly. Where’s my damn filename filter?!

R.I.P. Napster, WinMX, Morpheus, LimeWire, i2hub, Azureus, & Vuze. You were loved.

Vuze is finally dead. Private trackers have started to ban it. Loyal grognards like me will slowly & surely abandon it. Poor Azureus.

Oh, is it good to be home.

@satiredun “You know the moon landing was real, right?”

@Ozreiuosn The main reason is that it’s America’s other fully-subsidized crop, besides corn. Subsidies = profit.

Not how I planned this vacation day to go. I don’t remember eating that clutch of angry weasels, but there you go.

@rhiannononon That’s the fourth day in a row you’ve tweeted all that. I don’t know if your Buzz is broken or if @DocPop inspired you.

Huh. With 4 hours sleep, and 17 hours on the wakefulness clock, I ought to be a lot tireder than I zzzzZZZ *SNoRt*

The hot springs seem kinda hippie, the hostel is in a charming 19th century hotel, but the abandonments blow my cool-o-meter.

RT @wikileaks: Iceland – A free expression led recovery?

Wow, “Donner Camp Picnic Ground” is a real place here. And people think my humor’s dark.

I don’t know what those Donner party whiners were on about, I just found churros after 5 minutes of looking.

Oh snow you didn’t!

I’m outta town for a few days in Sierraville, CA. I’ll let you know if there’s snow.

@sherilyn A mocha, huh? Jeez, Sherilyn, stop being such a girl.