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Monthly Archives: January 2010

@tyrsalvia @mediapathic This sultry stripe-stripping mare is practically begging for it!

@lukechastain I love those things! I don’t take pictures of them with Anime characters, though

@lukechastain Very much so! Do you know what make and model they are?


“It’s not ILLEGAL to feed gummi bears to meerkats!” Agree/Disagree?

I just became king of Bayview Hilltop Park on This-Place-is-Awesome-Just-Letting-Know-Square!

“I love mudkips!” he said, pointing to her.
“I love pizza rolls!” she said, pointing at him.

You are what you meme.

No one has been able to adequately source this image — an explanation would be T-riffic, as well:

“If you’re not entirely sure what you’re saying yourself, then there isn’t really any room for misinterpretation.” -David Shrigley

Let people know they can pay me to organize their stuff. I’m good at it!

Raptor Jesus has learned to open doors! To peace.

<a href="“>Raptor Jesus Stencil

Raptor Jesus is not sacrilegious, he is ATTACK RELIGIOUS.

In ancient Egypt, they believed that if one’s Yelp reviews were less than a load of bullshit, one could enter the afterlife.

It is an ill fate to be judged by the writings of one’s Yelp reviews.

In celebration of finishing my Dinosaur Creation Museum pics, I’m cutting out a Raptor Jesus stencil while listening to JP: Rampage Edition.

One of these days I need to lead a workshop on torrenting. I’m the best person I know at it, and I’m very helpful.

Relieved and rebooted. is back up.

“Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Sexy Women Feet Only, and we’d love to have this added to the group!”

<a href="“>Oops! Banana Peel Death

@Ozreiuosn You accidentally the verb of your sentence! I when that happens.

Somebody must’ve been eating brain-beans the other day, cause that’s a lot of brain farts.

As of January 1st, the building I live in will have already been 100 years old. (That sentence still counts as future perfect tense, right?)

In April, I will have been on Flickr for 5 years.

I really enjoy the part where I get to name them:

@metaphorge @tyrsalvia Man, you guys go to some good parties.

@outofsequences To add insult to injury, the geo-location is like 3 blocks off.

Why is tweet geo-coding so useless? Why isn’t it visible on Why do I care?

(This tweet geo-coded for your convenience.)

@Ozreiuosn Rocks have more minerals -zing!-

@Ozreiuosn Wait, what ruling? The legal limits stuff?

If you think farts and terrorism have nothing in common, think again.

Your silence may be deadly.

@satiredun Nuh uh! *spitball*

Experimenting with Freenet. It’s like 1995 internet again: slow connections, but mercifully much less to explore.

@panavatar But, is it reeeeegarl?

Bullshit fees happen. When they do, always ask for your money back. They never give more than a token but you’ll feel better anyway… sucker.

Well, now that the hail has been upped to “epic” I’m much less interested in going to the bank to contest these charges. Well-played, Chase.

To be clear, I say “currently” because I know Pop Demarest was the best SF landlord ever –

Our landlord is amazingly great. He might currently be the best in San Francisco. And he’s looking for new tenants. Plz DM or RT!

@metaphorge Mmmm, what’s that smell? Smells like blog post!

@satiredun You poor thing! My deepest sympathies. I hope you find a happy bucket of money and magic on your path soon.

@TheECC Whoa, it’s Art’s birthday already?! I didn’t buy it anything. Suppose it would mind if I made it something instead?