How Embarrassing

Since the beginning of May, I have been continuously two months behind on uploading pictures to Flickr.

It just happened. See, we were looking for apartments. Every day, we’d go and see more apartments and take pictures to show the soon-to-be-roomies what the places looked like. ‘Course, we’d end up applying anyways toward the end. But some of the pictures were good. And a lot of the time, there was no more time. So I built up a backlog of decent, mostly story-telling pictures that sat around until I could find a place… and then find a job… and then find time.

I have myself experienced on a number of occassions the Red Queen. “It takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place.” I’ve uploaded pictures aplenty—all from around two months back. I make rent every month, yet somehow I have to keep working. And there’s so much upkeep in breathing, every day, every hour, every etc.

I want to complete them. I wanna be done. I’d like to come home and fling a whole buncha stuff on the internet and I don’t want to care about it. I have an unimpressive obsession. I know this. But I’m still obsessed.

Don’t you want to know what I did yesterday, and not last May?