Spelling Bee(r)

I went to a spelling bee tonight. It was a special spelling bee… one made just for San Francisco. With beer.

A spelling bee for drunk adults, where the words are often inappropriate, misspelled, or shouted out by the audience. It ended with a cage match. Still with me? They put the last two drunk, adult spellers in a big giant plastic (or was it cardboard?) cage and make them spell things like “cunnilingus.” I didn’t have the fortitude to actually try and win, so instead I wore one of several metal colander bowls circulating about, placing it on my head, and given the word “xylograph” I spelled l-e-t-s-d-a-n-c-e. Which, yes, is kind of dumb—but entertaining nonetheless. For the record I could’ve easily spelled xylograph.

And I met a girl. Some cute nerdy kind, no doubt, the kind that wants to pick up dudes at a drunk spelling bee by giving them their Flickr screenname. Oh, who am I kidding…

3.33 Beers

That’s how many are in a forty, so you know. Damn I wish that IP blocking plugin were working.

(go away, Mom and/or Dad)

Ok now that’s that’s taken care of. Wow my spelling is bad. You can’t tell because of my liberal use of the backspace key. Talking right now to Jenna, which is a task. Maybe I’ll post the log.

Hey, I’ve finally figured out how much alcohol I have to drink to even watch the anime commercials. God I hate anime.