One Year in San Francisco

And I still don’t like typing the name out.

I came here, like many, with just hopes and dreams and a stupid suitcase full of stuff I couldn’t really use. Lucky me, I found the right place the moment I stepped out of the car. Pacific Tradewinds was good to me. I might’ve stayed a little too long, even for my own sensibilities, and eventually I found a place where I didn’t have to commute downstairs. That’s the apartment, that’s where I live and love.

And that’s home base. Since I moved in there’s been more and more events gone to, more people met, and more projects done (well, started anyways). It’s an awesome lifestyle. I do always love writing about how much has changed.

There was supposed to be a party. There will be no party—sorry. I couldn’t pull together the, uhh… well, everything. There’s more anniversaries coming up soon. I’ll make sure not to miss them this year.

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