The New Place in Town

Attention all Homepie members:
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The New Place in Town...on the internet.

You gotta understand this a big move for me, and that I've wanted this for a while.

I got my own webspace.

And it is as awesome as I could ever hope for. I spent a while doing research on what I wanted, reading reviews and finding the best host possible. I chose (and recommend) LunarPages. I get a gig of space, 40 gigs of bandwidth a month, lots of free easily installed software and subdomains, email, a good control panel all for $8 a month. Together with my registrar APlus.net the total came to about $100. That's not too bad for a whole year, as far as I can tell.

As of right now anybody on the internet can visit Homepie.org.

Ah, homepie.org... sounds nice. Why Homepie? Cause I want it for all Homeslices. I want to have us be able to post anything we want, how we want. And yes—I do of course want it for myself. I hope to do a lot with it. I'm gonna use my growing web skills to better myself and gain exposure. It fits in with a few of my new year's goals.

I'm having a party this weekend where the pie will congregate. I got them each presents which I will give in some sort of ceremony. After, I will try to get on the computer and nonchalantly show them "something I found, that I thought you'd like..." and unveil homepie.org. Should be fun.