I have been... Discovered!

So you know that website I posted, the collection of photos from Rocky Horror? And the new address and all? Well they're kinda the same domain and one thing I didn't figure... well, just look at the hit graph for this page:

Yeah, BOOM!

Right there on Sunday when I sent out the email to all those people and Open Forum too... hoo boy. Total of 16 first-time visitors, not including myself. How ironic that the first post viewable read: "This blog, as it is now, is for no one but me." Chah right. So does that mean I actually have to make a nice page with layout and formatting? Do I have an audience? I hope not. Dude, this was just something I got for free on the internet.

By the way, Jenna, I can see you reading this. Yeah—that's right.