God is...

Today, I wasted time. As I did yesterday. But today I feel like it was positive, like my parents would be proud—which they probably would. I posted this today on an internet forum to the topic: "Do you believe in God?"

God is me. That, in my philosophy, is quite true and in a literal sense.

Corollary: God is also you. And that guy over there. He's confused, though he suspects it. Oh, and everyone else too. Everything in fact.

God is both the individual plankton and the massively complex yet organized system of emergent ecology that is supported by and makes possible plankton. God is the amino acid, and also the blue whale. Some say the word can stand for Generator Organizer and Destroyer. Surprisingly, I've found this philosophy does not really counter mainstream Christianity. An interesting semiotic argument could be made about the making of man in God's image, and how the sign often becomes the signified.

Miracles, then, could be said to be an effect of collective belief manifested through both space and time--enough people believe you can walk on water and it's possible. In no way does this diminish the miracle, though. I would think it even more miraculous that the power of thought could produce such remarkable acts, instead of some mysterious and unknowable God.

I could go into all sorts of thought-provoking rambles concerning how this applies to the ever-more-popular intelligent design theory, or how the iterations common in chaos theory suggest that all parts of the universe are merely smaller or bigger versions of themselves, but I won't. Not now anyways.

Thanks for reading!

Orin said...

Jenna wants to comment? Of course...

Who else would be reading here?

7:17 PM  
Jenna said...

You caught me.
But I caught you.
Or... you told me.
This is why LJ is nice- protected entries.
You do know that I can still protect stuff so that even Emily cant read them.
I do that with Kat and Meg.
They see stuff other people cant see.
The super personal stuff I want them to know.
I rarely make a private entry.
Thats the paper journal.

12:26 AM  

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