End of Semester Blues

Feelings = mixed.

Glad to be out of school for a month. Sad I didn't pass more classes. Glad I passed some. Sad I won't have Jenna around.

I'm wearing her DARE shirt right now. Yeah.

That reminds me, the party last night—awesome/incredible. Lots of fun had by all. Lots of booze had by all. A whole case worth I think, plus the 2 bottles champagne, plus some hard stuff pilfered from absentee roommates. I kinda overdid my Martha Stewart-esque party preparations, but as I've said before good parties don't throw themselves dammit. And it was a good one. Most good parties (if they're <12 people) always end up at Denny's. Mine did. Three in the morning I stroll in with 6 other people, 4 of us pretty drunk, 1 of whom starts talking crazy spanish to the mexican waiter. God bless you Hunter wherever you are. I had a Superbird; Jenna had little club sandwiches. Now it shall be known for all future generations.

Course after coming back it was about 3 or 4, and me and the misses were too tired to even attempt something. She woke up round 9 and had to leave after 10, so I made some buttons and pleasant conversation and told her I'd be coming up sometime which I will be, god willing.

Next morning I had to clean up all that party crap, but I'm not gonna commemorate that for future generations. Been packing, dicking around, reading my new book which I will tell you nice people about in another post.

I am neither morose nor manic, I merely exist.
Jenna said...

The misses?
I miss you, thats a misses.
Hope everything is well, including that drive.
Things pretty much suck here, except that I got to see the Megster today. Its really cold, too, worse than school. It's really foggy, as well, and freaking me out.
How many days?

7:07 PM  

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