Christmas Break...
not much...

Let me start by affirming that "vacation" is a subjective term.

Home is what I expected. There are still the same dumb arguments, the same chores, the same problems. It's tiring just to be here; I don't feel like doing anything. It's quite sad actually. You'll notice this blog-thing has a new look, as that was one of the first things I did. And one of the only things.

I gots a new blog too. A LiveJournal so I can read Jenna's. Nothing there yet, haven't tried to make it pretty. That should take up some time. Gah! Why am I looking for things to take up time, when at school there's never enough time to do the things I want and now I have a whole month to do them and I can't think of anything. This 'vacation' is silly.

Peace out, readers.