About Glot

What is Glot?

Excellent question; I’m beginning to like you. Glot means many things to many people. It was originally conceived as a nonsense word, because blarg was already taken. Some say it’s just as guttural and ugly as “blog.” Glot could also be a conjunction, hybrid, portmanteau, or splice of ‘glut’ and ‘clot’. Glut: -n an excessively abundant supply. Clot: -n a stuck-together mass formed by coagulation, as in “blood clot.” So it could just be a bunch of stuff that’s gotten stuck together. Glot might even be understood as a cognate of the Greek root glot, meaning ‘tongue’, as in polyglot1 or epiglottis2, and therefore convey a deeper understanding of its role as the primary outlet for the electronic, public, personal expression of the individual. To me, it means “this website I run.”

Some Stats

So far there are 183 posts, in 7 categories, with 456 tags, that have received 244 comments. It totals 119,031 words in posts, 10,044 words in comments. There are 0 post revisions. I’ve always disliked post revisions.

The whole thing runs on WordPress version 4.7.9.

Akismet has protected this site from 57,567 spam comments, so don’t even try, suckas.


As this site runs on WordPress, and since I can’t resist a nice plugin, this Glot uses many plugins.

33 plugins, as a matter of fact. They are: